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IF700 Quadcopter Kit

IF700 Quadcopter Kit

IF700 Quadcopter Kit

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The new Inspired Flight DIY Quadcopter Kit will revolutionize how we use drones. Want to take professional quality pictures and movies in 4K with optical zoom? Want to perform 3D mapping from the air with a LIDAR system? Or maybe you are ready for a high quality custom drone for recreational use, without countless hours of frustration. The possibilities are endless with the IF700. Engineered with retractable landing gear for full 360° imaging, folding arms for compact transportation, and swappable gimbal plates for modular imaging at the field, this drone can do it all!

Truly a plug n’ fly solution, the Bernoulli 3515 motors and Bernoulli PDB are completely solder free. Simply route the provided cables through the arm tubes, plug them in, and you are ready to fly. The Bernoulli Power Distribution Board has four motor connectors as well as connectors for 5v and 12v auxiliary power systems. Your video footage will always be pristine quality with three levels of electrical noise filtering providing over a 10x reduction in electrical noise on both regulated power rails, ensuring your sensors have zero rippling and measurements you can trust.

The 100% carbon fiber frame is designed for maximum strength while maintaining an impressive weight to allow for a large payload. The drone weighs 7 pounds in a two battery configuration allowing for an additional 6.5 pounds of payload for the user to use however he/she wants. Want to mount two extra batteries and nearly double your flight time? We’ve made it easy to do so. Want to quickly switch out your payload with something different? Our gimbal plate and rail mount system has options for action camera gimbals all the way up to full frame point and shoot, from lidar to even thermal and spectroscopy imaging systems. The beauty of this plate is that cameras can be removed from the drone without dissasembling imagining specific components. Want to mount your camera on the top of the drone? The gimbal plate can mount on the top or the bottom of the frame. Want to mount other imaging sensors for other jobs? Buy as many gimbal plates as you need, this platform does it all!

The IF700 kit is designed to be controlled by a Pixhawk 2.1 Flight Controller (FC) & HERE GNSS (GPS). The Bernoulli PDB communicates Amperage and Voltage Sensor data to the Pixhawk, as well as supplies 5V to the FC and other radio systems all through one connecotor. If you order a FC & GPS with your kit it will be pre-programmed with optimal flight settings for basic flight right out of the box. More advanced features are available as well, such as waypoint automated flight, follow-me, and mision planning. INSPIRED FLIGHT trusts our users to fly responsibly, none of the flight settings will be locked out and we encourage users to get creative!

Expected Pricing:

  • Base Frame Kit: $550
    • Includes: Carbon fiber frame with retractable landing gear, Universal Motor Mounts, Gimbal Plate & Rail Mount system.
  • Power Kit: $800 
    • Includes: Four Bernoulli 3515 integrated motors, One power distribution board, Two 6s 4500mAh batteries, and all necessary power/signal cables for these components.
  • Flight Controller and GPS: $325
    • Includes: One Pixhawk 2.1 & One Here GNSS GPS  
    • Pre-programmed with optimal settings for the IF700 and your controller of choice, no programming necessary for basic flight out of the box! Pixhawk is one of the most versitile flight controllers on the market, no settings are locked out and advanced users can fly their kit exactly as they want to. Waypoint, autonomous mission planning, and more is possible with this FC! Note: for users who do not buy a radio with their kit will need to use mission planner to verify proper radio input before the first flight.
  • Radio Controller and Receiver: $200-$500
    • Includes: One of a selection of high quality Radio Controllers (RC), the necessary Transmitter Module (Tx), and the necessary Radio Reciever (Rx). Stay tuned for exact options!

Kit Add Ons:

  • Ballistic Parachute Recovery System: $750
    • Includes everything you need to add a safety parachute system to your aircraft.
    • A necessary accessory for those flying over people, over expensive property, and for those who want peace and mind. A parachute system is insurance that your investment will not come crashing down in the unlikely event of a bird strike or failure.
  • Pelican-Air Travel Case: $330
    • Includes: A lightweight case designed for maximum protection and easy transportation on commercial aircraft, go anywhere in the world with your IF700.
    • Everything needed to operate your IF700 will fit into this case, no additional luggage is needed to support your aircraft.
  • Extra Batteries: $125 each
    • Comes with: an additional 6S 4500MAh HardCase Battery with XT90s (antispark) connectors.
    • Whether you want to have spares, or stack batteries for extreme flight times, getting extra batteries is always recommended. These batteries are only 99.9 Wh individually, less than 100Wh, meaning they can travel on all commercial airlines. Bring your drone with you anywhere in the world!
  • Extra Gimbal Plate & Rail Mount System: $75 
    • Comes with: One Gimbal Plate, two Carbon Fiber Rails, and the necessary mounting hardware.
    • Gimbal Plates are swapable on the IF700, whether you want to mount an aditional imaging sensor on the top of your aircraft, or have multiple imaging assemblies for different jobs, extra Gimbal Plates give your IF700 the upmost versatility.
  • FC Plate Stacker Kit: $50
    • Comes with: Two FC Plates and the necessary mounting hardware.
    • FC plates cover the top access of the drone and have all the same mounting holes you would expect; 30.5 mm, 45mm, and 60mm spacing, and much more! You can mount the main flight controller to this plate or auxilary computers. The plates are designed to be stackable and can extend as high as you need them to.
  • First Person Video Transmitter: $95
    • Includes: A 800mW 5.8 GHz Video Transmitter (VTx) and a circurlarly polarized FPV Antenna.
    • FPV transmitters can send a live video signals back to you so you know what your aircraft is looking at in real time.
  • FPV Antenna & Radio Reciever Antennna Mount: $25
    • Includes: One antenna mount designed for SMA based FPV transmitters and dual antenna Radio recievers.
    • This mount is designed to work elegantly with radio recievers and FPV transmitters offered above. The mount keeps the antennas out of view of the camera and can mount either on the back of the drone or in front.  



Note: Above pricing is not final. The INSPIRED FLIGHT team is working hard to ensure the best prices for our customers. However, until final pricing is published on June 1st we can not guarantee any of the above pricing.