Utility Inspection

The Phase One P3 available on Inspired Flight platforms offers the best image quality on the market with its 100 mpx mechanical shutter. Used for critical infrastructure inspections, the resolution and autofocus capabilities of the camera allows for increased stand-off distances and precise image clarity. This combination creates efficiency of operations and ensures jobs get completed on-time and with accuracy.

Inspired Flight’s custom designed user interface enables precise control over the system, ultimately allowing for the best data possible.

Oil & Gas

Identifying and quantifying gas leaks including hydrogen sulfide and methane is a rapidly growing use case for drone technology as the EPA ramps up its penalties for emission leaks. Using drones to locate abandoned oil wells is also a rapidly growing capability in this industry. Inspired Flight aircraft are capable of integrating with a wide variety of sensors to better enable serving this vertical.

UgCS Skyhub

Inspired Flight has integrated the suite of SPH Engineering payloads in order to provide plug-and-play solutions for these applications.

Solutions include:

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