IF750A Commercial Quadcopter

A Revolutionary Commercial Drone Platform Powered by the Auterion Enterprise Operating System

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Giving Lift to Your Vision

Precisely Designed Modular Quadcopter Kits

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Bernoulli 3515 Integrated Motor

Powerful Motor, Precise ESC, Programmable Nav Lights

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Truly a Plug n' Fly Solution

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Created to Suit Your Specific Needs

  • Fully Integrated Motor

    The integration of a pre-tuned ESC and programmable nav-light allow for an extremely robust, efficient and reliable motor.

  • Large Payload Capabilities

    Capable of lifting a payload up to 3 Kg (6.4 lbs), the IF700 can easily host a vast range of payloads and imaging solutions.

  • American Built

    Take pride in knowing that the majority of materials used on the IF700 quadcopter are made in America and 100% of assembly and design is done in California.

  • Plug n' Fly

    With absolutely no soldering required on the IF700, parts are easily swapped out for maximum modularity.

IF700: The Official Commercial Drone of the IDRA

We are proud to partner with the International Drone Racing Association to offer a worldwide drone liability insurance policy for less than $20/month.