Bernoulli 3515

Powerful Motor, Built-In ESC, Nav Lighting

Get Flying

Giving Lift to Your Vision

Precisely designed UAV solutions for your professional and personal needs

Get Flying

Super Easy Installation

Get flying in no time

Get Flying

Powerful Motor, Precise ESC, Programmable LED Light

The Bernoulli 3515 motor combines multiple technologies to get you flying fast!

Created to Suit Your Specific Needs

  • Powerful Motor

    More than enough power to safely fly your UAV in any condition

  • Fine-tuned ESC

    The built-in ESC is tuned for maximum performance and efficiency.

  • Navigational LED Light

    Customizable LED light to improve safety and navigational capability

  • Solder-free

    No soldering necessary to the motor with our XT30 power and standard PWM input connectors.