Unrivaled Endurance. Limitless Possibilities.

IF1200 with Yellowscan LiDAR
IF1200 with Phase One P3 iXM-100
IF1200 with dual payload Sony A7R and MicaSense Altum PT
IF1200 with IGNIS 2
IF1200 with hyperspectral
IF1200 with LiDAR
Heavy-Lift UAS

Elevate Your Mission

Meticulously designed for repeatable and robust workflows in the most demanding applications including, but not limited to, powerline inspections, precise LiDAR mapping, aerial photogrammetry, rapid emergency response, vital government tasks, and so much more. The IF1200 enables users to complete their objectives safely while vastly improving operational efficiency and bottom-line.

Key Features

Click and drag

The IF1200 offers a variety of integrated payloads chosen specifically for each industry.

Empowering Mission Success Through Adaptive Design

Engineered with the end-user in mind, the IF1200 features an open interface and long flight times, enabling you to conquer missions across diverse domains.

IF1200 Support

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