YellowScan Mapper

YellowScan Mapper

YellowScan Mapper

Embark on your LiDAR journey with our user-friendly Mapper system. This LiDAR system redefines easy mapping with its low weight, mid-range capability, top-end point density, and advanced accuracy and precision, offering unmatched value for money.

Designed for Compatibility 

The Mapper system is designed to fit seamlessly with any UAV, whether it's a multirotor, fixed-wing, or helicopter drone. Mounting is effortless with the Gremsy and DJI Skyport integrations or our custom-made mounting bracket, enabling quick setup for immediate mapping.

Enhanced Field Productivity 

Achieve optimal productivity by maintaining a balanced flight speed of 10 m/s for optimal point density. With this setup, you can cover up to 10 hectares in just 3 minutes, flying at 70m AGL, 10 m/s, with 40% sidelap.

Built to Last 

No need to worry about adverse weather conditions. The Mapper's IPW55 protection ensures it can withstand rain, allowing you to land safely and continue your mission without interruption.

Power Options for Flexibility 

Select the power source that suits your needs:

  • Skyport/Gremsy connectors for setup and power through the UAV
  • Integrated batteries providing up to 1.5 hours of autonomy

Key Features

  • AGL Altitude: 70m AGL (230ft)
  • System Precision: 4cm (1.6")
  • System Accuracy: 4cm (1.6")
  • Battery Weight (excluding): 1.3kg (2.9lbs)

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