Riegl Vux-120

The RIEGL VUX-120 sets a new standard in lightweight, versatile airborne laser scanning technology. With a wide field of view of 100 degrees and an incredibly high pulse repetition rate of up to 2.4 MHz, this scanner is tailor-made for high point density corridor mapping applications.

The VUX-120 emits its measuring beam in three directions: strictly nadir, +10 degrees forward, and -10 degrees backward. This unique feature ensures unrivaled data capture completeness, especially in challenging environments with vertical surfaces and narrow canyons.

This scanner boasts an internal data storage capacity of 2 TByte and a removable CFast card, along with interfaces for the integration of an external IMU/GNSS system and up to two optional external cameras. Its versatile design allows for seamless integration on UAS/UAV/RPAS, small manned aircraft, and helicopters.

The RIEGL VUX-120²³ is not just a standalone UAV LiDAR sensor; it also comes in various fully-integrated UAV-based laser scanning system configurations, complete with an appropriate IMU/GNSS system and optional cameras. This versatility ensures that the scanner meets all the specific requirements of the customer's applications.

Main Applications:

  • Corridor Mapping: Power Line, Railway Track, and Pipeline Inspection
  • Topography in Open-Cast Mining
  • Surveying of Urban Environments
  • Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Documentation
  • Agriculture & Forestry

The VUX-120²³ is equipped with cutting-edge RIEGL technology, including echo signal digitization, multiple target capability, online waveform processing, and multiple-time-around processing. Its compact and lightweight design, along with its ability to scan nadir, forward, and backward, ensures the completeness of scan data even on vertical structures and in narrow canyons.

Key Features

  • Laser Pulse Repetition Rate: Up to 2.4 MHz
  • Measurement Rate: Up to 2,000,000 measurements per second
  • Scan Speed: Up to 400 lines per second
  • Operating Flight Altitude: Up to 720 m / 2,350 ft
  • Field of View: Up to 100°
  • Weight: 2.3 kg / 4.4 lbs

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