Phoenix LiDAR Recon-A

Phoenix LiDAR Recon-A

Phoenix RECON-A 

The Phoenix RECON-A is the lightest and most cost-effective LiDAR system available. Designed for reconnaissance mapping missions, such as monitoring vegetation encroachment on powerlines, this all-in-one payload combines ease of use with efficient data collection at an affordable price point.

The RECON-A delivers exceptional point cloud density thanks to its multi-pattern laser, which can detect even the lowest reflective points. Additionally, its integrated 24 MP high-resolution camera provides the same field of view as the LiDAR sensor, ensuring maximum RGB colorization of the point cloud.

Key LiDAR Sensor Specifications

  • 905nm Laser
  • Class 1 (eye-safe) laser properties
  • Absolute Accuracy of 3-6cm at 60m Flight Altitude AGL
  • Range Accuracy of ±2cm
  • Maximum Range of 190m
  • Scan Rate of 720k points
  • 3x Returns/Echoes
  • FOV of 70.4°h × 77.2°v (Non-Repetitive Pattern Scanning)
  • FOV of 70.4°h × 4.5°v (Repetitive Line Scanning)

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