Sentera 65R

Sentera 65R

Sentera 65R 

Compatible with IF800 & IF1200

The Sentera 65R, the first ultra-high-resolution precision sensor designed specifically for seamless integration with drone systems, including RTK systems.

More Pixels, Faster Capture

With a ground sampling distance of 0.45cm/pixel, enhance efficiency and accuracy by capturing more pixels per image. This allows you to cover more ground significantly faster than any other camera available.

Built for Drone Integration 

The 65R is engineered for easy integration with drones, focusing on ultra-high-resolution aerial image capture to support critical decisions in survey and mapping applications.

Tailored Data Output 

Whether you need an RGB mosaic, a detailed digital surface model (DSM), or in-depth analytics, the 65R can easily generate the data required for your specific use case, whether it's surveying, modeling, or mapping.

Key Specs for the Sentera 65R Sensor:

  • Resolution & Lens
    • Gipxel GMAX3265
    • Resolution: 9344 x 7000
    • HFOV: 57.6° x 44.8°
    • GSD @ 38m (125 ft): 0.45cm
    • GSD @ 120m (200 ft): 1.43cm
    • Focal Length: 27mm
  • Shutter
    • Global
  • Pixel Size
    • 3.2um
  • Dimensions
    • 6.35cm x 6.3m x 10.64cm (2.50" x 2.48" x 4.19")
  • Weight
    • 330 grams (including lens)
  • Power
    • 9-26V Input, 12W Typical
  • Frame Rate
    • 3 fps
  • Image Format
    • JPEG
  • Storage
    • 512 GB Internal PCIe NVMe
  • Interfaces
    • USB-C
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • UART
      • Digital I/O
      • Input Pulse/PWM for Image Capture
      • Input Pulse Per Second (PPS) for Time/Position Sync
      • Output Pulse for Image Exposure Sync
  • Features
    • Integrated IMU
    • Pushbutton Trigger Option

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