Phase One iXM-100

Phase One iXM-100

Phase One iXM-100

Compatible with IF1200

Experience the pinnacle of UAV-based imaging with the Phase One iXM-100, a groundbreaking medium format camera engineered for unparalleled performance in aerial missions. The iXM-100MP boasts cutting-edge technology, featuring medium format sensors with backside illumination (BSI) for superior high-light sensitivity and dynamic range. This innovative camera platform is fast, responsive, and robust, offering a range of high-resolution lenses from 35mm to 300mm for exceptional image quality.

Breakthrough Camera Platform

The iXM-100MP is a high-productivity metric camera designed for seamless integration with the IF1200 UAV platforms. Equipped with specially designed RSM lenses, these cameras deliver superior aerial imaging quality and flexible operation for a wide range of applications.

RSM Lenses for iXM Cameras

The Phase One iXM-100MP cameras are complemented by five specially designed RSM lenses, ranging from 35mm to 300mm AF, optimized to match the pixel and sensor size of the iXM cameras. These lenses offer high optical resolution, enabling new possibilities for inspection and mapping applications. The integrated electronic global shutter ensures high capture speed, ideal for various flight conditions.

Storage and Connectivity

The Phase One iXM-100MP camera supports super-fast storage capabilities with USB-C and 10G Ethernet connectivity, making them compatible with large UAVs and aircraft. Full camera control is possible over a wireless link, allowing users to adjust settings such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture, focus distance, and upload flight plans.

P3 Drone Payload

The Phase One P3 Payload is a versatile solution designed for efficient and safe inspection of critical infrastructure with a UAV. Compatible with MAVLink integration, the P3 Payload allows for seamless integration with existing or future drone setups.

Custom Gimbal Solutions

As an industry leader in custom gimbal solutions, we enable your ideas with our unique expertise and state-of-the-art technologies. Our customized gimbal solutions are designed to integrate Phase One iXM-100 medium format cameras into leading drone platforms like the IF1200, providing unmatched inspection productivity for asset owners and service providers worldwide.

Phase One iXM-100 Features:

  • Smart triggering of the camera by waypoints, fixed distance, or fixed time
  • Support for mission planning applications for waypoint missions
  • Geo-tagging of all images' location and gimbal position
  • Remotely set target distance
  • Dual remote controllers for UAV pilots and camera operators
  • Industrial-grade build for tough use in harsh environments
  • Includes RSM 80mm Lens and Gremsy P3 Gimbal

Discover the Phase One iXM-100 and revolutionize your aerial imaging capabilities today.

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