Sensys MagDrone R3

Sensys MagDrone R3

Sensys MagDrone R3

The MagDrone R3 is an ultra-portable magnetometer survey kit designed for easy attachment to any UAV/drone with a minimum payload of 1kg, making it the ideal choice for lightweight aerial surveys.

Ready for Action

This kit includes an ultra-lightweight sensor tube with two built-in 3-axis Fluxgates boasting 150pT resolution, a user-friendly 1-button data logger with an internal SD card, rechargeable batteries, and an integrated GPS. It is specifically engineered for small and mid-sized survey UAVs/drones, optimized for minimal payload requirements and extended flight durations.

Compact and Versatile

With a sampling rate of 200Hz, the MagDrone R3 can be directly mounted to a drone's landing gear, even in close proximity to its motors. Unlike other systems, the MagDrone R3 excels in distinguishing between motor noise, network frequencies, temporary interferences, and ground signals.

Versatile Applications

Depending on the UAV/drone's maneuverability and GPS precision, the MagDrone R3 survey kit can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including general-purpose surveys, scientific magnetic cartography, exploration studies for hidden minerals, and safety-related operations such as scanning for bombs and ammunition or conducting preventive surveillance of areas and camps against intrusion.

Ease of Use

The kit's design ensures easy attachment to any UAV/drone using screws, straps, or bonding, providing a simple and effective solution for magnetic surveying from the air.

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