Zond Aero 500 GPR

Zond Aero 500 GPR

Zond Aero 500 GPR

The Zond Aero 500 GPR is a lightweight and portable single-unit ground-penetrating radar system designed for versatility and ease of use. It features a 500 MHz frequency and a built-in 500A antenna for efficient single-channel operation.

Key specifications include a wide time range of 50-500 ns, a transmitter pulse repetition frequency of 113 KHz, and a scan rate of 56. The device offers 512 samples per scan and is equipped with a high-pass digital filter for accurate data filtering.

Data transmission is facilitated through Ethernet or WiFi when used in a protective case, allowing seamless connectivity to a PC for real-time data analysis. The device is compact, with dimensions of 40x30x14.5 cm, and weighs only 1.9 kg without the case, making it ideal for fieldwork.

Additionally, the Zond Aero 500 can be powered externally or with its built-in Lithium-Ion battery when used inside the protective case. It boasts a receiver sensitivity of 120 mcV, a receiver gain of 10 dB, and a transmitter output of 150 V, ensuring reliable performance in various environments.

Optional accessories, such as a shockproof cart, are available to enhance the device's durability and mobility. Overall, the Zond Aero 500 GPR offers a comprehensive solution for ground-penetrating radar applications, providing accurate and reliable data for geological and environmental investigations.

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