Sentera 6X

Sentera 6X

Sentera 6X Sensor 

Advanced Imaging for Precision Agriculture

The Sentera 6X Sensor is a powerful tool designed for precision agriculture, offering both Multispectral and Thermal imaging capabilities. With eight channels of image data, this sensor delivers fast-frame rate performance combined with high radiometric accuracy, providing more advanced imagery for agricultural applications.

More Advanced Imagery with Radiometric Accuracy

Pair the 6X Sensor with radiometric calibration tools, such as Sentera’s Calibrated Reflectance Panel and Light Sensor, to account for lighting variations. This ensures that you get accurate and reliable imagery for precise analysis.

Plant-By-Plant Measurements, Delivered

The Sentera 6X Sensor provides science-grade imagery with eight channels of data, enabling you to make informed decisions about crop health, trait selection, and product development. Get insights down to the leaf level for optimal agricultural management.

Key Features

6X Multispectral

  • 5X 3.2 MP Monochrome Global Shutter
    • HFOV: 47°
    • GSD at 60m (200ft): 2.6cm (1.0")
    • GSD at 121m (400ft): 5.2cm (2.0")
  • 1X 20 MP RGB Electronic Rolling Shutter (Sony IMX147)
    • HFOV: 47°
    • GSD at 60m (200ft): 1.0cm (0.4")
    • GSD at 121m (400ft): 2.0cm (0.8")

Spectral Bands:

  • Blue: 475nm x 30 nm
  • Green: 550nm x 20nm
  • Red: 670 nm x 30 nm
  • Red Edge: 715 nm x 10 nm
  • NIR: 840 nm x 20 nm

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