The RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV represents an exceptionally lightweight airborne laser scanner, meticulously crafted for seamless integration with UAS/UAV/RPAS platforms.

Its compact, robust aluminum housing offers versatility in integration, especially for platforms with limited space or payload capacities. With a 360° field of view, it ensures comprehensive environmental data acquisition.

Featuring an easily removable SD card for data storage and the option for streaming scan data via LAN-TCP/IP interface, the scanner's low power consumption facilitates straightforward integration with most UAS/UAV/RPAS models.

The RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV leverages RIEGL’s innovative Waveform-LiDAR technology, enabling echo digitization and real-time waveform processing. Its multi-target resolution capability allows for effective penetration of dense foliage. Additionally, its wavelength is optimized for measuring snowy and icy terrain, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Key Features

  • Very compact & lightweight (1.55 kg / 3.4 lbs)
  • 360° field of view
  • Robust aluminum housing, suitable for mounting on multi-rotor, rotary-wing, and fixed-wing UAVs
  • Utilizes RIEGL’s unique echo signal digitization and online waveform processing
  • Multiple target capability – up to 5 target echoes per laser shot
  • Scan speed up to 100 scans/sec
  • Measurement rate 100,000 measurements/sec
  • Mechanical and electrical interface for IMU mounting
  • Particularly effective for measuring snowy and icy terrain
  • User-friendly, application- and installation-oriented integration solutions
  • Compatible with fully integrated, cost-optimized RIEGL IMU/GNSS solution RiLOC

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