Gremsy VIO F1

Gremsy VIO F1

Gremsy VIO F1 

Compatible with IF800 & IF1200

The Vio series offers advanced lightweight EO/IR payload technology for industrial applications. It features a 4K zoom sensor, a 640x512 radiometric thermal camera, and an integrated 2400m laser rangefinder, providing exceptional performance in a compact design.

Powerful Zoom Camera

With 20x optical zoom, 30x super resolution zoom, and a 240x combined maximum zoom. Capture stunning 4k footage at 30 fps with the 8.51 MP 1/2.5” CMOS sensor. Adjust the focal length from 4.4mm to 88.4mm to get the perfect shot every time.

Radiometric Thermal Camera

With 1x to 8x zoom capability. Featuring a fixed focus with a 32° horizontal field of view and a 14mm effective focal length, this camera delivers exceptional thermal imaging quality. With a resolution of 640x512@60hz and a thermal sensitivity of ≤ 50 mk, it provides clear and precise thermal imagery for a wide range of applications.

Laser Rangefinder 

The laser rangefinder is a precision instrument capable of measuring distances from 0 to 2400m at a rate of 1Hz, and from 0 to 1200m at a rate of 10Hz. It offers high precision, with accuracy ranging from 0.1m to 0.5m, making it ideal for applications where precise distance measurements are essential.

EO/IR Object Tracking 

Easily auto-tracks and auto-centers your selected object, ensuring it remains perfectly framed even while zooming or adjusting the gimbal position.

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