MicaSense Altum-PT

MicaSense Altum-PT

MicaSense Altum PT

The MicaSense Altum PT, a state-of-the-art solution for precision agriculture and environmental monitoring. This advanced sensor package combines the power of MicaSense's renowned Altum sensor with an integrated GPS/IMU module, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in data collection.

The Altum PT features a high-resolution 12 MP multispectral camera, capturing detailed imagery across five discrete spectral bands. Additionally, it includes a thermal camera with twice the ground resolution of previous models, providing valuable insights into plant health and environmental conditions.

Designed for seamless integration with drones and other aerial platforms, the Altum PT delivers precise and reliable data for a range of applications, from crop monitoring and yield prediction to environmental research and disaster response.

With its rugged design, easy-to-use interface, and NDAA compliance, the MicaSense Altum PT is the ultimate tool for professionals seeking to optimize their remote sensing operations. Elevate your capabilities with the Altum PT and unlock new possibilities in precision agriculture and environmental monitoring.

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