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Inspired Flight delivers Integrated Power Systems for Professional Do-It-Yourself Drones and UAVs. 

INSPIRED FLIGHT was formed around the idea that unmanned automated vehicles (UAV) and drone technologies will shape the future. 

INSPIRED FLIGHT has launched the new Bernoulli series of motors and IF700 drone kit that will bring a new level of reliability to the unmanned flight community, simplifying the DIY build process while improving performance and ease of use. With a Bernoulli motor on your IF700, you will accomplish your missions reliably.

Marc Stollmeyer, CEO/Founder

Marc is the founder of INSPIRED FLIGHT. His past experiences include over 15 years of hands on remote vehicle control and has extensive experience designing and building large robots from scratch. While going to school and working as an engineer in Santa Barbara, Marc came up with the first concept of what is now the Bernoulli 3515. Today Marc is our proud CEO and leads our team out of our San Luis Obispo office.

Adam Bilmes, Marketing Program Manager

 Adam is a business major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He’s extremely excited to work on the various marketing strategies necessary to successfully launch INSPIRED FLIGHT's new product. When he’s not at the office or traveling to trade shows he works as a chef at an Italian restaurant and plays for the Cal Poly rugby team.

Joseph Coplon, Electrical Engineer

Joseph is an electrical engineering graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. His passion is designing and building embedded systems. At INSPIRED FLIGHT his expertise includes firmware programming, circuit board design, and testing. When not working on drones he spends his free time playing the cello and creating homemade synthesizers.

Zach Benayoun, Business Development

Zach is a business major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo concentrating in finance. With previous marketing experience in the music industry, he is eager to help ensure that INSPIRED FLIGHT fulfills its vision. In his free time he loves to explore the Central Coast, play basketball, and shops exclusively at Whole Foods.

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