Nextcore Lumos 100XT

Nextcore Lumos 100XT

Nextcore Lumos 100XT

Crafted in Australia, the Nextcore Lumos XT embodies a harmonious balance of reliability, performance, and simplicity. This system is designed to significantly reduce field time and streamline office processing. Compatible with a variety of UAVs, including the DJI M300, Acecore, and Inspired Flight, the Lumos XT can also be adapted to numerous other airframes.

The Nextcore Lumos 100XT features automatic in-flight INS calibration and user-friendly software, ensuring ease of use and efficiency. It is an ideal choice for generating high-density point clouds over larger scan areas.

Exceptional performance 

The system can be flown at elevated altitudes, decreasing scanning time and enhancing safety by increasing the separation between the drone and ground obstacles such as trees and power lines.

Unrivaled efficiency

A single flight can cover up to 80 hectares, making Lumos particularly effective in steep, rugged terrain with dense vegetation.

Automatic calibration

The system automatically calibrates the Inertial Navigation System (INS) in-flight, eliminating the need to calibrate the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) during the initial minutes of the flight.

Key Specifications

  • AGL (Above Ground Level): 100m
  • Accuracy: 40mm
  • Precision: 30mm
  • System Range: 120m

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