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IF1200 - Federal M600 Replacement

June 16th, 2021

Introducing the IF1200 Hexacopter! The brand-new Federally compliant heavy-lift UAV from Inspired Flight. Supporting payloads up to 20lbs and with flight times up to 40 minutes, the IF1200 pushes accuracy and consistency to the next level. An open-system architecture provides flexibility for the integration of proprietary payloads, while ready-to-fly integrations for Lidar, EO/IR, and optical imaging systems are readily available.

Originally designed as a DJI M600 replacement for US DoD missions, the IF1200 brings an unparalleled level of ruggedness and reliability to a commercial drone. As both Federal and commercial operators seek alternatives to DJI products, Inspired Flight has been capitalizing on this increased demand for US-manufactured drones. As CEO Andy Erickson said, “Inspired Flight has a very unique opportunity to fill the voice in the United States drone manufacturing market with a high-quality, American-made option. With the drones originally being designed for National Security missions, the IF1200 gives a platform that is extremely well equipped for heavy-duty jobs. The most important thing is that the IF1200 is not just another option in the commercial UAV market, our drone’s can outperform the others too.”

The IF1200 complies with NDAA Section 848 and uses no Chinese electronics. By designing vehicles that reflect these requirements, Inspired Flight is furthering its commitment to building up the domestic UAV industry.“It has always been our goal to serve the American commercial drone industry. With the IF1200, we’re confident that our platform will elevate the entire industry and standards across the board.” – CEO Andy Erickson

An adaptable “universal payload” interface facilitates custom configurations for a wide range of industries. Ranging from utility inspections to geospatial surveys to public safety applications, the IF1200 is capable of tailoring around any set of requirements. Various GCS options allow for encrypted data transmission and long-range operation, depending on the use case.

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