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Inspired Flight Designs, Develops and Manufacturers American-Made Heavy Lift Drones for Commercial Use

September 15th, 2021

The most configurable heavy-lift commercial drones for high lift capacity and payload customizations. The IF1200 is an industry-leading heavy-lift uav.

Inspired Flight is an American commercial drone company out of San Luis Obispo, California.

The manufacturer specializes in highly customizable drones with US-sourced electronics and integrations, including many third party payloads for very niche use-cases. The goal of Inspired Flight is to let the customers worry less about the technology in the air and more about the task at hand.

Inspired Flight’s current line up of drones include two commercial drones which are both powerful systems but present their own unique use-cases for different budgets.

The IF1200 is the heavy-duty heavy lift workhorse of Inspired Flight’s line up. This heavy-lift hexacopter drone is built rugged for intense missions and heavy payloads with extended flight times. Being a direct competitor to the flagship drones on the market the IF1200 is spec’d to outperform other hexacopters and quadcopters of similar size and capacity. Learn more about Inspired Flight’s featured payload options here.

The smaller drone in Inspired Flight’s line up is the IF750. The IF750 has just been fully re-engineered and is being released this fall. The IF750 is a quadcopter that is more compact, and budget friendly. This four propeller drone is built for commercial use on a smaller scale, made for smaller payloads and quicker missions. The IF750 competes head to head with the industry’s leading quadcopter commercial UAVs. 

Both products from Inspired Flight are used in all applications including industries such as surveying, construction, agriculture, public safety, law enforcement, security & surveillance, inspection and more. Also, both american-made UAVs are data-secure for Government use as Group 1 & 2 UAVs which comply with NDAA section 848 requirements.

About Heavy Lift Drones 

The IF1200 is America’s Industry-Leading Heavy Lift Drone

Heavy Lift drones are commercial UAVs which are built to have a very high lift capacity to carry functional payloads, such as custom equipment, cameras, lidars, surveying gear and more.

Heavy-lift Drones usually have a max payload capacity of around 15-22lbs, and depending on the quality of the drone engineering and batteries, the weight of the payload will greatly affect the max flight time. 

Inspired Flights IF1200 is engineered to work hard and long. The IF1200 has a max payload capacity of 8.0 kg or 17.6 lbs and a max flight time of 25-40 minutes.

The IF1200 by Inspired Flight, American-Made Heavy Lift Drone

Inspired Flight’s IF1200 is a rugged workhorse of a UAV built for any mission

Heavy-lift drones may come in many unique styles and with 4 sets of propellers or 6. The IF1200 is a hexacopter (6 propellers) which is designed and built for heavy-duty commercial uses that require heavy payloads with longer flight times. The drone has a carbon fiber and aluminium airframe making it rugged and durable – this high quality construction gives the drone the capacity to take heavy payloads on intense missions. The kit also uses a 22000mAh smart battery which allows for flight times of up to 40 minutes, depending on payload weight. 

The IF1200 has a substantial maximum payload weight of almost 18 lbs and a maximum ground speed of over 40 miles per hour (MPH). The build quality and specifications of the IF1200 make it an industry leading heavy-lift drone capable of supporting use cases throughout most industries and government applications. 

Learn more about the IF1200’s key features here.

Onboard Computer

An option for the IF1200 uav platform is the onboard computer which leverages the VOXL flight stack from Modal AI. This provides computing power for custom payloads in any applications. As one of the most customizable commercial drones on the market this is a critical feature that comes in handy for many Inspired Flight users. 

Universal Payload Interface

As mentioned previously the IF1200 is prided on its customizability. The drone is built with a universal payload interface that consists of an intuitive mounting system that allows users to install any payload configuration with minimal downtime. The modular OEM platform is available with a variety of UART, PWM, USB, GPIO, and auxiliary power rail configurations. 


The IF1200 is engineered with performance in mind. Industry leading performance means heavy payloads and long flight times. The drones max takeoff weight is 44 lbs, with the max payload being 17.6lbs. The drones top speed for ascent is 5 m/s or 11.2 while descent is 3 m/s or 6.7 mph, top ground speed is 18 m/s or 40.3 mph. Learn more about the IF1200 specs here.

What’s Included with the IF1200 Drone System?

The IF1200 comes with a heavy-duty rugged travel case for safe and easy transport to worksites. It also comes with the airframe, 2 spare propellers, a smart battery, and the ground station.

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