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January 1st, 2021

Ready-to-fly integrations with high-powered Optical and EO/IR imaging solutions allow for accurate and reliable inspections. The IF1200 enables energy utility & civil engineering firms to inspect industrial assets in a safe and repeatable manner. Designed for inspection of critical assets, the IF1200 uses encrypted data transmission to ensure the data stays within the organization.

Supporting Your Inspection Needs with American Made Heavy-Lift Drones

Modular Drones for Inspection Needs

EMI Hardening

Designed to operate successfully in areas of high EMI interference.

Optimize Project Management

The IF1200 optimizes data collection methods and allows workers to spend their time where it’s most valuable, analyzing the project.

Minimize Risk

Designed to instill confidence in the operator, the IF1200 incorporates multiple redundant systems and failsafes to mitigate risk around critical infrastructure.

Optical and LiDAR System Payload Integrations for Inspection Drones

Recommended Inspection Drone Configs

IF1200: Gremsy S1 Gimbal + Sony RX1R II

IF1200: Gremsy S1 Gimbal + Wiris Pro

Optical Integration With Cameras

The IF1200 supports a range of optical cameras leveraging complete camera control and the ability to write GNSS data directly on the image for photogrammetry and inspection applications.

Sony A6500

A compact camera with interchangeable lenses and a 20.4 mp sensor. Perfect for most mapping, inspection, and data collection missions, the A6500 provides high-quality imagery and a seamless integration to all IF drones.

Sony RX1R II

A full-frame CMOS sensor and fixed-lens camera with 42.4-megapixel resolution and advanced image processing for high-resolution mapping and inspection applications.

Sony A7R

A 61mp full-frame interchangeable-lens camera for projects that demand the highest levels of detail.

Phase One IXM-100

The iXM-100 is a high-productivity metric camera with a range of specially designed RSM lenses. The iXM cameras are ready for easy integration with a wide range of UAV platforms.

Thermal & Multispectral Camera Sensors

Commercial and Mil-spec EO/IR cameras integrate into the IF1200’s ecosystem for applications in: Defense, Law Enforcement, wildlife surveying, pipeline inspection, and more.

Workswell Wiris Pro

The Workswell Wiris Pro is a thermal camera equipped with an LWIR microbolometer sensor with 640×512 px resolution.

Real-Time Kinematic

Drotek RTK

Multi-band RTK – Drotek RTK, with centimeter-level accuracy, uses Real Time Kinematic (RTK) technology to achieve the GNSS performance needed for applications requiring accurate guidance.

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