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Sentera extends compatibility of 6X series and 65R to Inspired Flight Technologies platforms

March 5th, 2024



St. Paul, MN – Mar. 5, 2024 – Sentera announced that the 6X Multispectral and 65R
ultra-high-resolution RGB sensors
are now compatible with the IF800 Tomcat and
 systems from Inspired Flight Technologies, an American manufacturer of
unmanned aerial vehicles.

“We couldn't be more excited to bring to market the integration of the Sentera 65R
and 6X series cameras on the IF800 Tomcat platform," says Adam Bilmes, Director
of Business Development at Inspired Flight, "These integrations enable high-
resolution global shutter mapping and science-grade multispectral imaging
capabilities for our end-users. Customers can be confident in this partnership
between two companies known for delivering the highest levels of performance,
support, and service in the industry.”

The IF800 TOMCAT by Inspired Flight features a lightweight, compact, and foldable
frame, making it easily transportable and deployable in diverse environments. With
an impressive flight time of 54 minutes and a payload capacity of 1.5 kg (max
payload 3 kg), the medium-lift IF800 TOMCAT maximizes operational efficiency and
productivity. IF800 is a no-compromise, compelling domestic solution for
commercial and government agencies, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive data
and enhancing operational efficiency.

“The combination of Sentera sensors and Inspired Flight aircraft offers users a
completely integrated, plug-and-play solution that maximizes flight time without
compromising on data quality or security,” said Matt Skelton, Aerospace Engineer,
Sentera. “We are excited to continue our partnership with Inspired Flight and
extend the capability of our products.”

The 65R is the first ultra-high-resolution aerial RGB sensor in its class to deliver
seamless drone integration without compromising image quality. With a sustained 3
Hz capture rate of 65-megapixel global shutter imagery, the 65R produces
exceptional visual-band imagery. The 6X & 6X Thermal sensors offer science grade
multispectral data, with six independent synchronized optical paths, custom filtering
options, and high radiometric accuracy. The 6X series sensors have become the
preferred choice for agricultural researchers and agronomists. Both the 6X series
and 65R are equipped with Sentera-designed feather-weight gimbals, 512GB SSD
internal storage, and time-of-capture geo-tagging making them the most efficient,
productive, and easy-to-use sensors on the market. 

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Innovation in the Air with Inspired Flight and Sentera

Tuesday February 19th at 2:00 PM CST

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Adam Bilmes - Co-founder of Inspired Flight / Sr. Director of Business Development

Matt Skelton - Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer  

About Sentera
Sentera is a leading innovator in drone sensor technology, dedicated to providing
cutting-edge remote sensing solutions for various industries. Specializing in high-
quality sensors, they are prioritizing precision, reliability, and performance in aerial
data collection applications. Offering a diverse range of sensors, from advanced
multispectral sensors to high-resolution cameras, Sentera delivers unparalleled
accuracy and performance. Backed by industry expertise and a commitment to
innovation, they empower clients in more than 45 countries to unlock new
possibilities in data-driven decision-making. Visit to learn more about
their innovative sensor solutions.

About Inspired Flight
Inspired Flight Technologies is an American drone manufacturer founded in 2017, in
San Luis Obispo, CA. Inspired flight is committed to applying values of quality,
safety, and re-shoring American manufacturing. Inspired flight aircraft are used in a
wide variety of applications ranging from surveying and mapping, emergency
response and public safety, to industrial inspection.

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