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Inspired Flight's CEO on the State of the sUAS Industry

July 8th, 2022

“Rick Stollmeyer Addresses Positive Industry Change Amidst Current Geopolitical Climate”

In a recent interview, Rick Stollmeyer, CEO of Inspired Flight Technologies, Inc. spoke about the geopolitical and economic importance of the American sUAS industry. Rick, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and former nuclear submarine officer who studied international relations and national security policy at Annapolis, spoke about the unique times we live in, the importance of rebuilding America’s manufacturing base and the specific importance of small Unmanned Aerial Systems. (“sUAS”)

He goes on to describe how this catalyst has impacted our decision-making abilities in the way that we conduct business and keep the American dream intact.

“Many of the critical technologies that enable our modern life and point us toward a more sustainable future were invented right here in the United States and subsequently off-shored to China are now being reshored back into the United States.”, says the Naval Academy graduate and former nuclear submarine officer. “This is important for America and our allies because the reshoring movement is helping to create good head of household jobs in our countries, while improving the economic resilience of the world’s leading democracies.”

Stollmeyer goes on to point out that one of the most important areas where this is happening is in small Unmanned Aerial Systems (“sUAS”).

“sUAS operates at the cutting edge of aerospace in the 2020s”, the entrepreneurial CEO explains. “Commercial and government grade drones are flying computers that combine the latest advancements in lithium batteries, micro-electronics, advanced sensors and cloud computing. When these technologies are combined using state of the art, lightweight materials, they enable otherwise dangerous and expensive missions to be completed without putting human beings at risk or consuming massive amounts of fossil fuels.

This is why Inspired Flight exists. We are conserving resources, creating jobs, and saving lives by leading the American sUAS industry. These aren’t just pretty words. It’s why we come to work each day.

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