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January 1st, 2021

The IF1200 can be configured with RGB/MS/TIR sensors to deliver accurate data for crop health, water stress levels, and other valuable metrics. Our systems augment traditional agriculture techniques to increase crop yield, irrigation efficiency, and labor productivity.

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency with Drones Made for Agriculture Applications

Modular Drones for Agriculture Needs

Modular Payloads

From crop-sprayers to MIS sensors, the possibilities are endless with the IF1200.

Improve Accuracy

Near pin-point accuracy on valuable data such as crop health & irrigation levels.

Enhanced Efficiency

Spend more time analyzing data rather than capturing it, make sure you’re doing work where it counts.

Optical & LiDAR System Payload Integrations for Agriculture Drones

Recommended Agriculture Drone Configs

IF1200: Gremsy S1 Gimbal + Wiris Argo

IF1200: Gremsy S1 Gimbal + Micasense Alta

Thermal & Multispectral Camera Sensors

Commercial and Mil-spec EO/IR cameras integrate into the IF1200’s ecosystem for applications in: Defense, Law Enforcement, wildlife surveying, pipeline inspection, and more.

Micasense Altum

The Micasense Altum is a 3-in-1 solution for unparallelled sensing in terms of accuracy, flexibility, and power. Altum captures synchronized thermal, multispectral, and high resolution imagery in one flight, producing aligned outputs for advanced analytics.

Workswell Wiris Agro

Designed to map water stress across large areas, the Workswell Wiris Agro R plays a critical role in the field of precision agriculture.

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