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IF750 Base Quadcopter

IF750 Base Quadcopter

IF750 Base Quadcopter


The IF700 has the option to be controlled by a Pixhawk 4 (Px4) Flight Controller & HERE GNSS (GPS). Pixhawk is the most widely distributed open source flight software with permissive licence, and has an extensive community of over 400 contributors. Allows for integration with a wide range of hardware supporting features.

Our gimbal plate and rail mount system have options from full frame point and shoot for lidar and thermal imaging applications. Different payloads and cameras can be easily swapped from the drone without any disassembling, making it great for a multitude of commercial uses. Buy as many gimbal plates as you need for your commercial use, this platform does it all!

The Bernoulli Power Distribution Board has four motor connectors as well as connectors for 5v and 12v auxiliary power systems. The Bernoulli Power Distribution Board communicates Amperage and Voltage Sensor data to the Pixhawk, as well as supplies 5V to the FC and other radio systems all through one connector. Your video footage will always be pristine quality with three levels of electrical noise filtering providing over a 10x reduction in electrical noise, ensuring your sensors have zero rippling giving you measurements you can trust

  • Ready-to-fly IF700
  • Pelican 1637 Air Case 
  • 2 Extra Propellors
  • FrSky Tanaris X9D Transmitter
  • Two 99.9 WH Batteries
  • PixHawk4 Flight Controller
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Frame
  • 3.3 kg in total weight (no payload)
  • Able to carry 3 kg in payload
  • Swappable Gimbal Plates 
  • Retractable landing gear (360° imaging)
  • Two battery configuration
  • Possible to to mount two extra batteries to increase flight time


  • Autonomous Missions
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Photogrammetry
  • Lidar Systems