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What is it? Drone or Quadcopter

What is it? Drone or Quadcopter

The Inspired Flight team recently visited FliteFest, a festival designed for RC plane and drone enthusiasts in Malvern Ohio. While at the festival several members of our team noticed an annoyance of many at the festival. We noticed a tween wearing a shirt that read:


It’a Quadcopter

I don’t call

your SUV an

Urban Assault Vehicle

The text on this shirt perfectly captured the unfortunate conflation of the term Quadcopter with Drone. The hobbyists at FliteFest prefer that their four-bladed, relatively harmless aircraft be called a Quadcopter. This is because when the term drone is mentioned thoughts of war in the middle east, high altitude surveillance, or an attack aerial vehicle come to mind. The word Drone is largely associated with:

Not this:

The mix-up is not only confusing but also dangerous because it can cause a severe misunderstanding of one’s intentions. As stated above a drone can either be a weapon or a hobbyist’s weekend toy, so why not stop calling it a drone and call it a Quadcopter? The media has taken advantage of the confusion between the two terms and headlines have been blown way out of proportion. It is for this reason we ask that hobbyists, pilots, and citizens alike use the term Quadcopter and not drone.